About Us

Property owners and their tenants are our top priority, high quality service is our mission at Acadia Property Management.

Our Mission

Acadia Property Management exists to provide property owners specialized service capabilities coupled with unsurpassed integrity, transparency, and dedication. Our mission is to make your portfolio, no matter the size, a more profitable and enjoyable investment.

Acadia Property Management was founded to provide property owners with an alternative approach to property management. As commercial, residential, and short-term rental property owners, we know first-hand how important finding the right management company is. There is a need for a full-service concierge type management company, one that truly puts owners and their tenants needs first. Acadia Property Management is here to be that company for you!

If you are not sure if you are with the right management company or are thinking about using one for the first time, contact us to set up a property consultation.

Our dedicated team is here to help owners and tenants every step of the way.

Allen Mederos

Although I wasn’t born and raised in Texas, I have deep roots here. Not sure what took me so long to get here but since arriving in 2002, I’ve never looked back. I spent over 10 years working for Bates Container, a corrugated box company based in North Richland Hills, where I held various management positions but most importantly I learned how to work hard and start early. After Bates, I started a tech company which led me to Hitachi Solutions, where I held various roles implementing CRM systems for global enterprises. I worked with really great, smart people at Hitachi and learned a ton about using process and software to scale businesses

While I’ve always given 100% to my “day-jobs,” I’ve also been investing in real-estate on the side. In early 2020 the time finally came to spend 100% of my time and energy in real-estate development and management. While Acadia Property Management is the core, I’m continuing to pursue related ventures in real-estate from boutique hotels (www.hoteldryce.com) to multifamily development (www.neatprojectgroup.com).

I tell dad-jokes to my wife and two kids and love introducing my kids to my favorite 80’s/90’s movies. I’m a daily Panda Planner user and If I’m not learning something new, I get bored quickly.  I’m currently working on private pilots license and hope to convince my friends and family to fly with me one day.

Stephanne Russell

I have always welcomed a challenge, invited change, strived for flexibility, respected the process, and above all, valued relationships I have made along my journey.  I have found that it is imperative to have a strong work ethic, fierce integrity, and embody trustworthiness. This is how I believe that strong, long lasting personal and business relationships are built and kept. I attempt to live my everyday life both personally and professionally keeping that which I value most at the helm when making decisions for myself and for those I have the pleasure of working with and for.  

Throughout my working life I have held many different positions and worked in a variety of fields.  From Army solider, retail store owner, sales, manufacturing, merchandising, social media marketing, and most recently, guest relations and property management.  When reflecting on every position I have held over the years a few things stand out immediately to me.  Each and everyone have had a major component of customer/client relations and service, high levels of accountability, and responsibility to others. 

To me property management embodies and demands all of the above to be successful and to help others be successful, whether it be investors, property owners, or even tenants.  We all need someone by our side that is there to guide, protect, and support us along the way.

I have had the pleasure of working for and alongside Allen Mederos for many years now, this new venture is the start down a new road for us personally and professionally and I am excited to see how far we can take it!  Allen and I have different approaches to certain things but our individual strengths and weaknesses are perfectly balanced. Combining complimenting differences in strengths is what makes a partnership work.  I have no doubt there will be a few bumps in the road but the foundation and theory are strong and we want to bring that to our clients, show them how our experience and dedication is just what they need to realize new levels of success in their investments.

I look forward to fully launching and working with new clients and tenants, this has been an idea for a long time and it is more than just a job or business to us.  Acadia Property Management is a culmination of many years of trust and respect, and the desire to put out a product that is highly respected and valuable to those we serve.