Why Do You Need Rental Insurance?

Moving into a new place is exciting and hectic.  The list of to-dos can get long and it is easy to miss a step, one not to miss is getting quotes for and choosing a renter’s insurance policy.  The owner’s policy covers losses to the building itself but not your personal property.  A renter’s insurance policy also provides liability coverage, if someone is injured on the property this coverage could protect you from being required to pay damages should they sue.

Even if you don’t think you have enough stuff to insure, you should still have a renter’s insurance policy! Here are six reasons why you should keep yourself and your stuff covered.

It is affordable!

Renter’s insurance is very affordable and can be tailored to your coverage needs.  The cost depends on how much coverage you need, the type you choose, the amount of your deductible, and where you live.

It covers losses to personal property.

A renter’s insurance policy protects against losses to your personal property, including clothing, jewelry, luggage, computers, furniture, and electronics. Even if you don’t own much, it can quickly add up to a lot more than you realize – and a lot more than you’d want to pay to replace everything.

Your landlord might require it.

Your landlord’s insurance covers the structure itself and the grounds, but not your belongings. A growing number of landlords require tenants to purchase their own renter’s insurance policies, and they’ll expect to see proof. This could be the landlord’s idea, or it could be an “order” from the landlord’s insurance company – the idea being that if the tenants are covered themselves, some responsibility can be shifted away from the landlord.

It provides liability coverage.

Liability coverage is also included in standard renter’s insurance policies. This provides protection if someone is injured while in your home or if you (or another covered person) accidentally injure someone. It pays any court judgments as well as legal expenses, up to the policy limit.

It covers your belonging when you travel.

Renter’s insurance covers your personal belongings, whether they are in your home, car, or with you while you travel. Your possessions are covered from loss due to theft and other covered losses anywhere you travel in the world. Check your policy or ask your insurance agent for details on what constitutes “other covered losses.”

It may cover additional living expenses.

If your residence becomes uninhabitable due to one of the covered perils, your renter’s insurance policy may cover “additional living expenses,” including the cost associated with living somewhere else temporarily, food and more. When reviewing policies, find out what is covered and how long the coverage period is.

Bottom line, renter’s insurance goes far beyond just protecting your stuff.  Having a policy can ensure that you and your possessions are protected should the unexpected happen.  

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